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Commercial Voiceovers by an Actor/Voice Talent

So You Need to hire a Voice Actor who is willing and able to work hard on producing the results you want! 

“Fact! The average American will consume,” says Voice Talent in Announcers Voice.

The kind of Voice Actor who not only hears what your saying, but listens.

“Wait. What? Did he just say what I think he said or was I not listening,” says that last one you hired to do your Voiceovers.

A Voice Artist who can drive and take directions without getting lost along the way!

“Son of a B*tch! Rush hour!” states (Your Name & Position Goes Here). “We’re fine. Take Olympic Blvd, then any right, to Venice Blvd, winds to S. Figueroa St. and bada bing, bada boom - we are Downtown!” says Craig Mathew Hall, Voice Actor with Craigs Voice Over, who you just contracted for your current media project and your upcoming spin-off. Great Choice! Way to go!

So Your project is for Traditional Radio, Internet Radio, T.V., WebTV, Podcast or other online media projects that you need an American Male Voice Actor who can accomodate your schedule, work with you on that budget, and delivers a variety of voices like craigsvoiceover?  

Or, no wait! Ah ha! Your here looking to cast a voice artist like Craig Mathew Hall for a principle roles in a non-union film production for a short? A mini-series? A Mini, short series fulled of stories? No, it’s a documentary narration you seek? Well, whatever it is, Craig Getzs!

Some more examples in case you been driving to long: Movie Trailer spot or voice, independent film, major network or independent, public broadcast or even a major film studio is looking for the “OTHER” Craig.

This is where you come in Batman [RogerCraigSmith] and say “Yes!” Because that’s the kind of voice thing you do. Well usually. When your not up in the sky slinging and ripping or in Italy playing with your sword! “That’s perfect,” you say. Because you wouldn’t be here, you would be there, and he would be playing the…who is the character in that game, you know, that one, I say. “Oh right!” say your name here.

“So back on the train! You’ve done what kind of what? Like, some of your experience would include…” you were saying.

My experience includes, but is not limited to doing Commercial spots for both Radio and Television, Movie Trailer Voice Overs, Documentary Narration, Audiobook Voice Acting, IVR Message on Hold VO’s, Character Voices for Video Games and Cartoon Animation.

For every choice, there is a consequence. Your success has alot to do with my own. Even the best-informed decisions, are still just a calculated risk. That’s why I believe in delivering a quality performance that meets your contractual obligations, and that exceeds your expectations.

Using the words you want, in the voice of your choice, edited or unedited, finalized, approved, under budget and delivered on time. Result Driven!

 Just-4-Fun Audio and Multimedia Tracks

So when it comes to making things from scratch, well, as long as we are not talking about cookies, then Yes I can do that. Anyways, I just thought to post 1 or 2 audio tracks with visuals that I enjoy doing here from a blog that I recently posted. Whether it is for a clients media project or just messing around, it’s always fun for me at Craigs Voice Over to make things from scratch at 1013 Studio Productions.

*Note* These are either the [.ogg] or [.mp4] file type so that an ios device can play. We’ll see…

Opening Scene without Special Effects/Dialogue

MashUp of Music Genres


A Legend in the Voice-Over Industry, Hal Douglas

The following is dedicated to a man that I had the privelege to meet. An inspiration to me and I’m sure, to so many in the VO Industry. This is how we should all remember him from this clip!

It’s so Awesome that it’s a Voiceover, captured on film! Of the voice actor doing the voiceover for the trailer, for the film, about voice artist in the VO Industry! It’s a PERFECT EXIT to remember the face, behind the voice, of a legendary voice artist.

You will be missed by many, as you continue to be heard by all!

R.I.P. “Hal”

Craigs Voice Over for All Your Media Projects & Voiceover Work

A little about me… I Grew up in Orange County, California and went to C.S.U.F. and a few J.C.’s in the area over the years. Before coming to Oklahoma, I lived in Las Vegas for about Five years. My heart and soul is still in SoCal, or whats left of my soul is in the 702, and my financial freedom(or lack there of) is here with the OU Sooners. – Godspeed!

Choosing to be non-union, has allowed me the freedom as an Independent Contractor to perform for all kinds of various media projects besides of course Voice Over. Including, but not limited to your traditional actors(principle) role and the ever increasing need for voiceovers from such voice talent as myself.

  •  Actor trained in “The Method” by Constatine Stanislavski.

Craigs Voice Over Work

20 years experience as a Risk Manager in the Insurance Industry. My former Employers, where the Insurance Carriers, Underwriters and/or the Reinsurers that handled your Risk Management and Media Production Insurance Coverage’s.

  •  At what point do you become liable for damages for something you said?
  •  Liable for Punitive Damages on works either published? Printed? Voiced?
  •  When does a parody become a liability?
  •  What States allow what? Pay Damages for Advertising Injury? Huh? What?
  •  Certificates of Insurance? Hold Harmless Agreements? Additional Insureds?
  •  Exlusions for Sub Contractors? Waiver of Subrogation? Special Wording?

You have a choice just like we all do. What I can offer you is more than just a Voice Over. Let’s face it, time is money! Which of course, your working with a limited budget and tight time table. So, like a starving Doctor, your losing your patients. It’s time to send the copy my way and let craigs voice over have a go at it. When your happy with what you hear, then so are we-not until then.  Integrity, ethics, and a willingness to strive and give it all you have as an artist, each and every time…well, that’s Me! That’s what I do. It’s the only way I know how to do. Damn proud of it to. With that being said, I thank you for stopping by and always welcome any messages, comments, or shout-out’s!

– Godspeed

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